We’ve been dealing with an if-then-else flow chart of circumstances for a while but it’s time we made some decisions. Read more
Life is a bowl of… Berry Islands-population about 400. During such an unnerving time, we're certainly trying to make the Read more
We have been meaning to get some solar power on the RK for some time now. When we were in Read more
It’s easy to take for granted the beauty in your own backyard. I remember returning to NYC for my first Read more
Summer has ended, it’s getting colder and hurricane season is just about over, so it’s that tricky time of year Read more
On August 27, 2019 Paul and I celebrated our Boat Life 2-Year Anniversary. In so many ways things still feel Read more
After we finished our boat yard marathon and ‘splashed’ it was easy sailing south to our first real adventure out Read more
It’s fairly well understood that your time spent in a boat yard is not a bowl of cherries, nor is Read more

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