Author: Anna Marie

Stowaways and Southern Comfort

We’ve heard from other salty sailor friends of ours about delightful experiences of birds catching a ride on their boats while moving along out in the open ocean. The birds would either come into the cockpit or go down below, eat, drink, perch on a finger, take a seemingly domesticated role, and then as quickly as they arrived, they were… Read more →

Cement Jungle’s Eastern Archipelago

Manhattan is a mixed grid of strategically, haphazardly, evenly yet oddly spaced pillars and structures with the freedom to choose your flavor of mayhem at their base and in their endless confines. Whereas nature and the sea have a different congruency of patterns throughout, that demand respect. Each affords the enjoyment of a different kind of liberation and reverence. Sailing… Read more →

Berry Grateful

We’ve been dealing with an if-then-else flow chart of circumstances for a while but it’s time we made some decisions. Hurricane season is upon us. Our three previous seasons made getting out of a hurricane zone easy. Not this one… hurricanes, huh, bring ‘um on, considering alternatives. We figured we’d just extend our stay and watch the weather closely. If a… Read more →